Sunday, April 22, 2018

Designer Amigurumi | Crochet Book Review!

Designer Amigurumi | Crochet Book Review!

Designer Amigurumi

A Cosmopolitan Collection of Crochet Creations

from Talented Designers

Handcrafted gifts are popular in today’s world, and Amigurumi dolls are perfect gifts for babies and kids. This book includes clear patterns for toys made by talented Amigurumi designers. The designers from around the world offer toys that reflect their unique styles—featuring cat, rabbit, giraffe, dolls, elephant, lion, bird, and much more.

I had the pleasure of designing 2 patterns for Designer Amigurumi published by Tuva Publishing. The book features a total of 18 irresistibly cute patterns by 9 talented designers. 

The book is beautifully printed on glossy paper and has everything you need to make each pattern. Keep reading for a deeper look into the book…
This is my first toy from “Designer Amigurumy” book of @tuvapublishing
You now I am crazy about Foxes!!! This cute Red Fox is designed by  Kristi Tullus (Estonia) @kristitullus.
İt was very funny and cute to make this project!

My mini Tanoshi Fox helped me all time long.

You can pre-order THİS BOOK  on Amazon now. It will be available soon.


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