Sunday, April 22, 2018

Designer Amigurumi | Crochet Book Review!

Designer Amigurumi | Crochet Book Review!

Designer Amigurumi

A Cosmopolitan Collection of Crochet Creations

from Talented Designers

Handcrafted gifts are popular in today’s world, and Amigurumi dolls are perfect gifts for babies and kids. This book includes clear patterns for toys made by talented Amigurumi designers. The designers from around the world offer toys that reflect their unique styles—featuring cat, rabbit, giraffe, dolls, elephant, lion, bird, and much more.

I had the pleasure of designing 2 patterns for Designer Amigurumi published by Tuva Publishing. The book features a total of 18 irresistibly cute patterns by 9 talented designers. 

The book is beautifully printed on glossy paper and has everything you need to make each pattern. Keep reading for a deeper look into the book…
This is my first toy from “Designer Amigurumy” book of @tuvapublishing
You now I am crazy about Foxes!!! This cute Red Fox is designed by  Kristi Tullus (Estonia) @kristitullus.
İt was very funny and cute to make this project!

My mini Tanoshi Fox helped me all time long.

You can pre-order THİS BOOK  on Amazon now. It will be available soon.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Waldorf Bunnies

My new crochet pattern in the new book of @tuvapublishing ✨🎉
"Designer Amigurumi"
A Cosmopolitan Collection of Crochet Creations from Talented Designers.
Full of cutie characters you can crochet easily!🎶🎶
Here are my Waldorf Bunnies.

You can pre-order this book from Amazon US and Amazon UK.
Yeni Kitap 📕
Çok yakında @tuvapublishing yeni amigurumi kitabı Türkçesi ile karşınızda olacak. İçerisinde dünyanın değişik ülkelerinden amigurumi tasarımcılarının projeleri yer alıyor. 🙈🙈🙈 2 proje bana aittir. 
Bu da benim Waldorf tarzı Tavşanlar. En küçük bebeklere tatlı oyuncaklar 🐰🐰🐰
Harika bir yayınevi @tuvapublishing takipte kalın!🥁🥁 Новая книга @tuvapublishing с милыми амигурумишками... Сборник мастер классов разных авторов. 2 проекта моих 😉
Один из проектов - Вальдорфские Зайки. На мой взгляд - идеальные игрушки для самых маленьких деток.
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Friday, April 7, 2017

Bunny Egg cozy. Free knitting pattern.

Bunny for keeping warm breakfast egg - free knitting pattern. Easter pattern. Egg cozy.
Designed by Tatyana Korobkova

The toy is knitted in the  round and that is why the pattern is recommended for Advanced Beginner Knitters.
The finished bunny is approximately 14 cm tall.


K = knit
P = purl
Sts = stitches
Kfb = knit into front and back of stitch
K2tog = knit 2 together
CO =  cast on
RND = round

Materials needed
·         4 double-pointed needles in a size suitable for the yarn weight you are using. I recommend using needles a size or two smaller than the yarn calls for, to produce a firm fabric. İ used Needles size US 2½  (3mm).
White, pink and green colored  yarns for rabbit.  I used Gazzal Baby Cotton XL / 50% cotton, 50% akrylic; 50 gr – 105 mt./
·         Toy stuffing
·         Yarn needle
·         Stitch holder
·         2 beads for eyes
·         Plastic nose
·         Black yarn for mouth

All rows are worked in the round, this helps avoid ugly seams.

For an on-line tutorial of how I start knitting my toys using a crochet hook cast on from the middle: 

Body and  head are one piece.
Start with white yarn.

Body and  head are one piece . Cast on 6 stitches. Distribute among 3 needles and join to work in the round, being careful not to twist sts. Place marker.

RND1: Kfb             ( 6times)                   ( 12 sts )
RND2: Kfb, K1      (6times)                     ( 18 sts )
RND3: Kfb, K2      (6times)                     ( 24 sts )
RND4:Kfb, K3       (6times)                     ( 30 sts )
RND5:Kfb, K4       (6times)                     ( 36 sts )
RND6-16:  11Rnds  K all                         ( 36 sts )
RND17: K2tog, K4  (6times )                  ( 30 sts )
RND18: K2tog, K3  (6times )                  ( 24 sts )

Work decrease rounds, adding stuffing as you go

RND19: K2tog, K2  (6times )                   ( 18 sts )
RND20: K2tog, K1  (6times )                   ( 12 sts )

Shaping neck

RND21: K2tog          (6times )                   ( 6 sts )

Add more stuffing if required

Change color to pink
RND22: Kfb             (6times)                    ( 12 sts )
RND23: Kfb, K1      (6times)                     ( 18 sts )
RND24: Kfb, K2      (6times)                     ( 24 sts )
RND25:Kfb, K3       (6times)                     ( 30 sts )   
RND26:  K all                                            ( 30 sts )
RND27:Kfb, K9       (3times)                     ( 33 sts )
RND28-39:  12Rnds  K all                         ( 33 sts )
Change yarn to green
RND40: (Kfb, K1)  16times; Kfb                  ( 50 sts )
RND41:  K all                                                ( 50 sts )
RND42: (Kfb, K2)  16times; Kfb, K1            ( 67 sts )
RND43-45: 3 Rnds  K  all                             ( 67 sts )
Change color to pink
RND46:  P all                                                ( 67 sts )
Bind off.